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Welcome to Casa Lulo, where creativity, sustainability, and positive vibes converge. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of hand-printed designs crafted with love and passion by Johana, a self-taught screen printer and proud small business owner.


A Message of Positivity and Kindness

Our prints are more than just beautiful designs; they carry a message of positivity and kindness. Johana’s vision is to spread good vibes that resonate with people, encouraging them to be good to themselves, the planet, and others. With every purchase from Casa Lulo, you become a part of this mission to make a difference, one hand-printed design at a time.

Explore Our Studio in Orange, California

Located in the heart of Orange, California, at 1708 N Tustin St., our studio is a hub of creativity and innovation. Step into a space where unique designs come to life, catering to both small and big humans alike. As you walk through the doors of Casa Lulo, you’ll discover a world of color, artistry, and inspiration.

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To experience the magic of Casa Lulo in person, locate us on the map below. We can’t wait to welcome you to our studio and share the stories behind our prints.